Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 is here...

I guess that is a bit obvious.  How did 2013 end for me?  Let's tick them off shall we....
  • My DH returned home from deployment to the sand box (Early Christmas present for the Little George's and I :) )
  • I weighed 167.5.  After starting the Paleo eating plan I ended up loosing 12.5 lbs.  I actually lost closer to 16 lbs but once my DH came home eating plans got kind of fuzzy and I ended up gaining again. 
  • Still not the worlds best housekeeper.
  • Our oldest Little George had surgery and his first set of staples in head.
  • Our youngest Little George is now talking and enjoying his time at a local mom's morning out group.
  • I cannot tell you how many books I read though the last book I read of the year was "Love in a Nutshell"  by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly.

Here is how 2014 is starting out for me:

**As an added note I need to say that I had the cutest little running buddy with me.  Our oldest Little George (Soon to be 5!) ran the whole track with me. **
  • Eating more primal than Paleo though my DH is starting to jump more onto the Paleo side of eating.
  • Looking at February as being  a surviving on what we have month (again? yes but at least this time it will be self imposed rather than thanks to a clerical error)
  • PCS in about six months.  Yes we know where we are going but it is the Army and you never really know til you get there.
And that is as far into the future I am going to look or post.

Til Next Time


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