Friday, January 28, 2011

We are sick....

  So I thought I would socialize my soon to be 2 year old and attended a mom's group meeting. In my ignorance my toddler caught a cold....either there or the current sickness that plagues our little household including my 3 week old was contracted from a toy that was given to us for a gift.    
  Last week I tested out a very yummy enchilada recipe.  This yummy enchilada recipe in fact at iheartnaptime,  I also made an interesting 5 min fudge with only two ingredients.  I did not enjoy it as much as the enchiladas. That recipe is here at Joys Hope.
  My week 3 photo is of my favorite bottled water, Voss (I think because it is bottled in Norway and my hubby is Norwegian?  Maybe it is just the glass bottle) and my favorite tea cup. 
  This week I am having a giveaway on my Facebook page for my friends and family.  In fact I am doing a craft a month giveaway.  So for the month of January I have a Valentine's Day Ribbon wreath.  Wreathes are really popular right now in the crafting blog world.  

  Till next week then, when my littlest addition turns 1 month and hopefully our house is sickness free.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

     It is currently 15:22 on the first day of the new year.  I managed to mess up a lot of things last year.  I managed to drop the ball on my commitment to OScraps Sue Cummings and doing a digi layout each week.  I received the product with great intentions but let life overtake those intentions and sadly I failed.  One of those life bits was a stumbling block in my marriage which I can now say that after therapy is successfully back on track.  The other life bit was and still is my current pregnancy.  My official due date is today and my wonderful George who has been home on leave since the 19th of Dec flies back to finish up career course tomorrow evening.  So needless to say I am quite blue in the fact that our newest addition and George may not meet face to face until sometime in March.  Right before he graduates and right before he leaves on another overseas deployment.  Things I do not want to worry about right now but have and will continue to do so.  
   In 2010 I did manage to participate in two craft shows and net about $400.  Which in turn paid for some preschool material and educational videos for my little Bug.  I love listening to him make the sounds of the alphabet.  I also managed to set my stove on fire in the kitchen just a few days before George came home.  Thankfully though we did not end up having to replace it.  The bathroom will be undergoing a major renovation though starting in March.  Our little first house was built in 1977 and it has three bedrooms and one bathroom (that is in some serious need of updating and possible rot fixing)  Plus some other minor replacing the door as the previous owners of the house (we have owned our little home for 3 years nows) were heavy smokers and the bathroom being a moist place the nicotine seeps from every nook and cranny.  Quite DISGUSTING!!!
  So in short, I do not make resolutions.  Resolutions to me are like promises and though promises are not meant to be broken they often are and I do not want to be the cause of my own disappointment in 2011.